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We’re trusted to deliver information systems that drive data integrity for federal agencies, including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Education, as well as state governments. Our enterprise clients are international firms spanning pharmaceutical, financial, utilities, telecommunications and other industries.

Solution Briefs

Read the solution briefs to see how FITS helped these organizations:

  • Free and Secure Trade System Expedites Commercial Travel [jump to this case study below]
  • Information Management and Architecture for Customs and Border Patrol [jump to this case study below]
  • Joint Venture with Customs and Border Patrol Assures Compliance Nationwide [jump to this case study below]
  • Unified Data Management and ERP Integration for MichCon Consolidated Gas [jump to this case study below]
  • Development and Migration for U.S. Department of Education Financial Systems [jump to this case study below]

FITS Clients

FITS supports federal, state and commercial enterprises. Here is a partial list of our clients served:

  • CA
  • Presidio
  • Datawiz
  • HRZ Research Inc.
  • MichCon Consolidated Gas
  • MTW Consulting
  • RSI Consulting
  • State of Missouri Family and Welfare
  • U.S. Customs and Border Patrol
  • U.S. Department of Education
  • Affiliated Computer Services (ACS)
  • Bristol-Myers Squibb

Free and Secure Trade System Expedites Commercial Travel
Customs and Border Patrol (CBP) is one of the Department of Homeland Security’s largest and most complex components, faCilitating approximately $2 trillion in trade each year. CBP’s mission is to keep terrorists and their weapons out of the U.S. It also secures and facilitates trade and travel while enforcing hundreds of U.S. regulations.
FITS designed the Free and Secure Trade (FAST) System Database for CBP. Truck drivers traveling between the U.S. and Mexico or the U.S. and Canada simply swipe their ID cards, which are pre-cleared in the FAST database. The database includes each pre-cleared driver’s picture and profile. With FAST, drivers no longer have to wait in long lines. In addition to enhanced security, the system has also introduced significant new efficiencies for CBP and their personnel.

Information Management and Architecture for Customs and Border Patrol

FITS was called to join a team to help develop data management and architecture for a critical CBP system for Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZs). Located in or near CBP ports of entry, FTZs are the United States’ version of free-trade zones. Foreign and domestic merchandise may be moved into these zones for storage, exhibition assembly, manufacturing, and processing.

FITS was called on to support this project because of the breadth and depth of experience we possess with the databases, platforms and technologies used by CBP. We were instrumental in designing, developing and implementing FTZ data models and databases using ERwin and DB2 RDBMS. We also provided the technical support for the application architecture. This secure web-based application uses Websphere® and runs on the Unix® platform.

Joint Venture with Customs and Border Patrol Assures Compliance Nationwide

The Automated Export System (AES) is a joint venture between CBP, the Foreign Trade Division of the Bureau of the Census (Department of Commerce), the Bureau of Industry and Security (Department of Commerce), the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls (Department of State), other federal agencies, and the export trade community. An important system with a large volume of users and transactions, AES is the central point where export shipment data required by multiple agencies is filed electronically to Customs. FITS was selected to convert, design and build the AES database system. AES is a secure, efficient and collaborative alternative to filing paper shipment forms.

With AES, export information is collected electronically and edited immediately. Errors are detected and corrected at the time of filing. AES is a nationwide system operational at all ports and for all methods of transportation. FITS’ database work achieved project goals of assuring compliance with and enforcement of laws relating to exporting; improving trade statistics and data; reducing errors and duplicate reporting to multiple agencies; and improving customer service.

FITS helped convert the AES database running on CA Datacom to DB2 RDBMS. FITS set up all the backup and recovery procedures and provided 24 x 7 production support. FITS also:

  • Administered the CBP database management system (DBMS), which includes IBM DB2, IBM UDB, and Oracle.
  • Generated the physical design from the logical design using ALLFusion.
  • Fine tuned and provided performance capabilities to meet user requirements.
  • Provided physical implementation of database structures and allocation of physical database space.
  • Implemented database backup and recovery procedures, performance monitoring and trouble shooting.
  • Supported application development and end users to develop, maintain and optimize ad hoc database queries.

Unified Data Management and ERP Integration for MichCon Consolidated Gas

With more than 10 million clients and hundreds of valves and regulators installed, MichCon is a leading integrated energy company. They called on FITS to provide Information Engineering (IE)/Information Engineering Facilities (IEF) support to multiple project teams managing systems for regulator and valve eqUipment (RAVE) tracking, on-site collections and gas conservation and transportation.

FITS helped MichCon manage this diverse data from multiple sources to create a single cohesive system. FITS used IEF Encyclopedia as the central repository for RAVE and collection data. We made an innovative move and used rEF to include metadata objects, which were centralized and then distributed to multiple applications across the company. FITS successfully and seamlessly integrated the data into MichCon’s ERP system. We also:

  • Created application architecture for the RAVE and collection systems
  • Designed the RAVE logical and physical database
  • Designed Pen-collect, their bill collection system
  • Conducted JAD sessions for RAVE and Pen-collect systems
  • Created RAVE and Pen-collect databases using DB2 RDBMS

Development and Migration for U.S. Department of Education Financial Systems

We supported the Department of Education by providing DB2jCooigen DBA for Direct Loan Servicing (DLSS), IEFARS and Pell Grant systems. We installed and configured UDB vS on their NT 4.0 platform and designed and created a database for Education’s Direct Loan Project. For this project, we:

  • Set up jobs to unload and load data to the DB2 UDB NT platform.
  • Created and maintained multiple development, test, acceptance, and production environments.
  • Performed SQL reviews and conducted review of database administration procedures and DB2 performance and tuning infrastructure.

With our structured methodology and project management skills, the FITS team led the migration to a newer version of DB2 and served as liaison between vendor project teams. Our work introduced a rigorous set of database change control procedures and guided the conversion from DB2 plans to packages. This included creating a series of special SQL queries to check for database anomalies.