Project Management

FITS provides exceptional project management across our service areas and various industries. Our project management skills span Oracle, IBM DB2 and IBM DB2 UDB databases, and Oracle, SAP and Siebel ERP platforms  and more. We serve as the overall driver on enterprise projects, delivering direction, goals and leadership to project teams. Our project management experts ensure resources are controlled, project objectives are maintained, and tasks and deliverables are completed within the speCified time and budget. We also ensure our project team maintains a broad corporate business and mission perspective across all functional areas.

Our process is highly structured and comprehensive, often consisting of the following phases:

  • Develop project plan
  • Develop project statement of work or charter
  • Develop resource responsibilities matrix and resource requirements for various stages
  • Develop cost-benefit analysis and business case
  • Develop project cost estimates
  • Lead the team of business and technical professionals to successfully complete business requirement definition through developing conception data and process models
  • Evaluate and select technical architecture
  • Evaluate and select system development strategy (in-house development versus packaged solution)
  • Provide recommendations for additional technical resources and/or alternatives
  • Monitor all technical tasks and progress
  • Develop implementation strategy
  • Deliver intermittent and milestone reports to senior management
  • Monitor project process and implement corrective action where appropriate
  • Produce and validate project deliverables
  • Prepare performance appraisals and interface with IT and bUSiness groups
  • Provide testing throughout the delivery process
  • Training and mentoring of client staff