Business Consulting & Business Strategy

Our trusted staff of project leaders and consultants delivers IT-focused strategic business solutions for federal agencies and businesses. The FITS Business Consulting Methodology delivers a return on each client’s investment and ensures project success. Our Methodology engages our onsite project, in-house programming, unit testing, and onsite acceptance testing teams. Our method is not only efficient and successful. It’s also optimally cost effective.

Our business consulting and business strategy services help our clients build optimal enterprise information systems. We begin with feasibility studies and reqUirements gathering to determine technologies that will be the best fit to the project objectives. We also provide expert project management throughout the implementation and documentation process. Additionally, FITS provides professional advisory services in the key areas or database design, systems architecture planning and networking.

FITS’ business consulting and business strategy practice delivers solutions in:

  • Business process re-engineering
  • Infrastructure planning
  • Business and technology integration
  • Pre-and post-mergers or acquisitions solutions