About FITS

Frederick Information Technology Services (FITS) is a consulting firm specializing in designing, developing and| implementing exceptional, mission-focused information system solutions. We’re trusted to deliver data integrity for Fortune 500 enterprises and federal agencies including the Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Education. We’re successful because of our connection to and transparency with our employees and our clients.

We deliver enterprise-level information management, enterprise architecture , ERP solutions and more. We specialize in developing strategy and management for very large databases with terabytes of data and large volumes of transactions and users. Our clients are top tier, mission-focused organizations where security, uptime and results are paramount. For these organizations, our solutions make a difference because of our vision, methodology, high level design and experience. Despite the scale of our projects and caliber of our clients, FITS deploys solutions and creates results quickly and efficiently.

FITS is comprised of a solid and diverse team of trusted consulting professionals with expertise in the leading technologies and systems architectures for public and private sector clients. Our team is experienced in all aspects of the full system lifecycle. We possess progressive experience in project management, information system planning and systems development for large financial services, human capital, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems.

We stand out in our proven ability to deliver a single, cohesive solution that spans requirements generation to implementation, and includes every phase along the way, such as testing and maintenance and training and mentoring. Because of our reputation for delivery and excellence, solid methodology and project management focus, our clients are always assured that each deliverable meets or exceeds expectations. We value our reputation too much to accept any standard other than excellence.

What’s the FITS difference?

Top Caliber Solutions for Top Tier Organizations
High profile organizations trust FITS to help them reach their mission objectives, reduce costs, improve operational efficiencies, enhance system performance and maintain data integrity and security.

Proven Methodology
We have successfully helped many organizations analyze, develop, and implement information systems using our objectives-based management methodologies. Our clients trust FITS because we deliver a customized, cohesive solution that is grounded in research and analysis of business requirements.

Depth of Functional Resources
Our senior people are experienced and proven in delivering enterprise solutions that drive agencies and businesses. These people play key roles on all FITS projects. The involvement of these industry leaders helps us maintain our standard or excellence, as well as effective project management and on-time delivery of cost-effective solutions.

Quality Services
Our consultants always demonstrate the highest level of care and pride in their individual
and team performance. This, combined with their superior technical skill, ensures FITS’ deliverables are on target. How do we know this? We consistently receive feedback from our clients and partners for our exceptional quality.

Unwavering Ethics
We’re driven to always maintain the highest ethical standards. This is the foundation of our business and is embraced by each member of our team. Our long-term business relationships with our clients, strategic partners and employees speak to our ethical commitment. This standard is grounded in our commitment to hard work, delivery, due diligence, project performance and client satisfaction.